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Calvert Area Emergency Warning System (CAEWS)

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The Calvert City Industrial Plants asked Safety Training & Environmental Protection, LLC to partner with them and coordinate the Wally Shelter-In-Place program The Wally Shelter-In-Place program was created by the Community Education Task Force and Baytown, Deer Park, La Porte and Pasadena Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC) in Texas and was purchased for this program by the local facilities. The following agencies and/or personnel assist in the Calvert City, KY area in various ways:

  • Marshall and Livingston County Emergency Services Personnel

  • Marshall County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

  • Calvert City Community Advisory Team; which is made up of a cross-section of members of the community and includes clergy, educators, retired persons, healthcare professionals, plant managers, and environmental and emergency services personnel. The program is implemented in the area of Marshall & Livingston County schools.

Calvert City, KY on map of KY

Calvert City, KY

The Calvert Aerea Emergency Warning System (CAEWS) was developed to warn citizens when there is a hazardous threat. You can sign up here |CAEWS Sign-up| CAEWS is comprised of

  • Sirens and voice command modules placed around Calvert City, the Calvert City Industrial Complex, and in Livingston County.

  • Community Outreach education & meetings

  • Radio/TV emergency broadcasts

  • Neighbor assistance

  • Emergency warning system tests

 In the event of a chemical or weather-related emergency, the sirens will sound and the voice command modules, radio, and television broadcasts will provide information regarding the nature of the emergency and proper courses of action. The system is being coordinated by:

  • Calvert City Advisory Team (CAT)

  • Calvert Industrial Mutual Aid Program (CIMAP)

  • Marshall County Disaster and Emergency Services ( DES)

  • Local safety officials

The sirens activate for:

  • Severe Weather

  • Earthquakes

  • Hazardous Material Release

  • Community-Wide Disasters

  • Other hazards

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