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Emergency Preparedness and HazWoper Training

Being Prepared – Emergency Response Preparedness Program!

Our team of professionals can inspect and audit your emergency response capabilities.  Our

audits include a review and implementation of your emergency preparedness plan.  Emergency

preparedness includes; unusual plant conditions, medical emergencies, severe weather,

earthquake events, terroristic threats, fire emergencies, chemical emergencies, hazardous waste

response, active shooter and power/system failure.

Training to the level you need!

As previous hazmat responders, our trainers are able to effectively instruct engaging

training programs. We involve the participants and achieve a better understanding

of what is needed to respond to a hazmat emergency. Training includes:


  • Awareness level

  • Operations level

  • Hazardous material technician level

  • Incident command level


Training can be scheduled at our training facility with interactive props used for scenario building, OR at your site, for a customized site-specific training session. 

training conex during drill

24-Hour Emergency Response Hazardous Materials

Technician Level Training

Our 24-hour technician level course is full of interactive training.  We discuss topics

such as hazard assessment, personal protective equipment, respiratory protection,

decontamination, and involve the participants in hands-on use of the equipment.


As previous hazmat responders, our trainers are able to effectively guide engaging

programs. By involving the participants, we achieve a better understanding and get

high marks among our trainees for the knowledge-sharing that occurs during our

training. The guidance provided from our instructors is real world. Our trainers

have been there, and understand the complexity of hazardous material emergency response.


Simulated emergency drills and workshops bring together the elements of emergency response. The responders attending this seminar will understand basic response techniques and should, as needed, be able to adapt these techniques to facility-specific requirements. We also offer a 40-hour HazMat tech course which provides more in depth, hands-on knowledge.

trainees in decon set up

40-Hour Emergency Response Training

Training emergency responders is what our company does best!  We offer incident command, hazardous material technician level, operations level and awareness level training.


In this new 2019 40-hour course, you will see that we take emergency response training and apply everything learned in hazmat technician level training into hands-on interactive training.  This training is geared toward responding to a release for the purpose of mitigating the incident. Incident command strategies, hazard assessment, understanding of tactical operations and entry procedures are taught in an applied format.


Management of a scene is a critical component of emergency response control measures. 

This course uses our 80% rule, to set up scenarios and let the participants activate the

emergency team and “play out” the emergency training drill.  Our 80% rule is to spend 80%

of the time having the participants do and not just listen!  This is the best way to help ensure

that participants are going to retain and be able to use the information they receive during

training. If onsite, we can tailor training sessions to include a variety of formats based on

what the client needs for their team.  For over 20 years we have been taking information

from clients, pulling it together in an energized training format, and providing the best

emergency response training according to our clients.  Come see for yourself!


Everyone “says” they do customized training; but our emergency response training reputation was built on client-specific customized training.  We save you time by working with you to get to know your chemicals, your processes and your team’s organization.  Need refresher training?  We can be provide a training strategy that builds on each year’s training to help maintain emergency response competency  - a requirement  of  OSHA’s emergency response standard.

trainees using leak simulator
trainees doing pipe puzzle
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