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Suit Pressure Testing 

Fully Encapsulating Level A HazMat Suits

If your company has a hazmat (emergency response) team with members

who wear Level A “fully encapsulated- gas tight” suits (NFPA 1991), you must

implement and maintain a maintenance schedule for those suits. Your

schedule should include routine inspection and pressure tests for hazmat

suits in accordance with OSHA 1910.120 utilizing the ASTM method described

in ASTM F 1052-09, Pressure Testing Vapor Protective Suits.  Keeping your

Level A response suits “gas tight” is a critical element to keeping your

emergency responders safe.  All Level A suits should be inspected and

pressure tested when received, after each use, or annually (if they have not

been in use).


We can pressure test your suits at your company’s location, or at our STEP office. Upon completion, we will provide a printed certification for suits that pass the pressure test, and will notify you if any of your suits do not pass.  Our service can help you establish a data base that helps to maintain an update to date inspection system.

STEP is ready to help you with this task! 

hazmat suit being tested
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