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Process Safety Management

PSM word cloud

We conduct audits of Process Safety Management (PSM)

programs according to the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.119. 

OSHA states that every 3 years a compliance audit needs to be

completed. Our PSM audits and inspections incorporate OSHA

protocols, addressing records review, employee interviews,

access to process safety information, operating procedure

updates, document retention, observation of onsite conditions,

and training. 

We have developed a convenient audit checklist Excel-based audit

worksheet that incorporates OSHA/EPA audit issues and guidance. This checklist has several convenient features, such as the ability to regroup audit questions in accordance with the identities of the interviewees.  This can significantly expedite the audit and documentation process.


We document audit findings, and, if part of the project, provide specific recommendations for program improvements.  In addition to full program audits, we also conduct streamlined PSM reviews that provide a means of identifying significant program deficiencies.


Need additional assistance with PSM, PHA or RMP compliance?  We provide program assistance and training for managers and employees.

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