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Shelter in Place with Wally Wise Guy

This is a chemical emergency!  Shelter-in-place!

Has your industrial complex taken steps to inform community members on how to protect themselves in the event of a chemical emergency?  STEP can help you accomplish this!  We have been pro-actively involved in chemical community outreach for over 10 years. Our program includes:


Managing the community outreach education program

STEP’s community outreach program manager assembles a team comprised of your industry volunteers, emergency services personnel, concerned citizens and/or chemical manufacturing group(s) whose focus is to present scheduled shelter-in-place presentation(s) to elementary school students.  This program is linked to adults in the community who learn from the little folks.  What a great way to inform the community—through the enthusiasm of children!  The shelter-in-place program uses a Wally Wise Guy turtle to bring home the message.

Wally waving
Wally holding sign

Shelter-in-place concepts

The basic concepts are presented in a fun-to-learn format, using Wally volunteers and Wally friends.  The major concepts of stay off the phone, close all windows and doors, and listen to the radio for further information are reinforced through take home games and puzzles.


Training for volunteers

Emergency management, key civic personnel, city/county officials must all understand the concepts of the shelter-in-place community outreach program.  Trained volunteers present the program with the assistance of our management team.  This puts the outreach in the hands of the folks that live in the community and have children in the schools.

Education and information

The key to a safe community is discussing potential hazards and then explaining the actions to take to remain safe. Development of shelter-in-place plans in the schools and at home help ensure that if a chemical emergency occurs, your community is prepared to shelter!

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