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STEP Training Tools

Bringing Your Training to Life

At STEP, we work hard to bring your training to life with realistic scenarios and training props, providing hands-on training that allows the participant to fully immerse themselves in the training provided.


Chemical Processing Building

The Chemical Processing Building will bring your Emergency Response training to a whole new level. Your employees will have the opportunity to safely experience being in a Level A encapsulated suit with real-life limitations and situations during our training workshops.

GoPro Body Camera

We work to find the best devices to aid our clients in their training. The GoPro Body Camera allows Command to view the entry team is seeing in real-time. Even with the team out of sight, Command can still know the situation. We have used this with both the Chemical Processing Building and the Chemical Drum Yard workshops. See it in action in the video to the right. 


Virtual Reality Simulation

Our virtual reality training workshop is designed to assess the participant's hazard identification skills using a virtual reality headset. Participants will traverse the virtual scenario, pointing out different labels and signs one would find in an industrial facility. This has proven useful not only for our seasoned HazMat response professionals, but also our Incident Command team members.

Chemical Drum Yard

The application of knowledge is power, and being able to identify chemical information is an integral part of assisting in an Emergency Response. Our chemical drum yard provides a test of the participant's knowledge in identification, reconnaissance, and resource location to ensure your employees know where to find information when working with your facility's chemicals.


Leak Simulator

As always, hands-on workshops like our Leak Simulator and our new additions will put your employees into realistic, safe training scenarios that require team-work, good communication, dexterity, and patience; all characteristics of a valuable and effective Hazardous Materials team member. 

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