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Noise Surveys and Monitoring

Hearing conservation is a vital component of any company’s safety program. The most

important part of a hearing conservation program is measuring noise levels and workers’

noise exposures. This helps companies identify locations of highest concern, employees who

are most affected, and even where additional noise measurements should be made.


Do you know the noise levels your workers are exposed to every day?  STEP’s industrial

hygienists can help you identify problem areas and keep noise levels in check by conducting

spot noise monitor checks, personal noise exposure checks, and/or completion of a full noise

survey (including noise mapping).  We can provide:

  • A comprehensive workplace noise monitoring assessment

  • A final report with results and suggestions for reducing noise

  • Assistance with noise policy updates

  • Trained consultants to develop control strategies for exposure

  • Noise awareness training for your employees

person wearing hearing protection
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