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E-Training and Video Development

STEP keeps clients on the cutting edge of technology by creating and

delivering video and CBT training modules custom-designed to inform

and educate employees with on-demand scheduling. Our training

modules enhance hands-on curriculums by introducing employees,

contractors, and/or visitors to the company’s cornerstone, site-specific

safety and operational concepts.

Video Training

Do you need a site-specific video that can be administered whenever and

wherever it is convenient for you? Perhaps a contractor orientation or

visitor training is your requirement?  STEP can accommodate! Coupled

with a customized onsite training program, our videos are a cost-effective, efficient means of ensuring that you are delivering powerful, comprehensive safety instruction to your training audience. We combine your site-specific information and graphic elements to produce a training video that is the perfect complement for your hands-on training curriculum! 

CBT Training

CBT Training takes video training one step further by incorporating the element of assessment and individuality. CBTs, or Computer-Based Trainings can be either site-specific or general training modules and have the flexibility of being administered whenever and wherever is convenient for you. As long as you have a computer handy, you can provide training to your chosen employees at your convenience. With a CBT, you have the flexibility of testing and tracking comprehension levels and re-administering the training when necessary. Just as we do with video trainings, we can incorporate video clips and graphics that are specific to your organization. 

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