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Falls are the LEADING cause of death in construction. There are, however, plenty of ways that falls can be prevented. May 3-7 is National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction. We wanted to take the time to raise awareness for Fall Prevention and provide tips for both Construction and General Industry workers. OSHA’s three-step guidance includes:

PLAN ahead to get the job done safely

  • Use fall protection when working at or above 4 ft (General Industry) and 6 ft (Construction)

  • Put a barrier around or cover all holes, openings, and skylights

  • Develop a facility plan to ensure all bases of fall protection are covered

PROVIDE the right equipment

  • Anchorage point

  • Harness

  • Lanyard or lifeline

  • Ensure all equipment used is the right fit for its user

TRAIN everyone to use the equipment safely

  • Inspect all fall protection equipment before and after it is used. If equipment is found to be damaged or defective, take it out of service immediately

  • Ensure the user is knowledgeable on the equipment needed for the specific task they are performing. Also, ensure they are aware of the limitations of their equipment

  • Speak up! If you see something that looks unsafe, bring it to your attention!



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