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Have You Ever Taken a First Aid Class?

We all have reasons why we don’t do things. But what might be some of the reasons you may not have attended a first aid class? Maybe you are “way too busy,” or you can’t find one that fits your schedule. Perhaps you “already know how to do first aid” and don’t see the need in taking a class.


But what exactly do we know about emergencies – whether individual or community. Much of my reading has led me to understand that those first few minutes or first few hours are going to involve your neighbor, friends, or maybe co-workers responding to care of the injured. While our First Responders are on their way, we are there with the injured. 

Undoubtedly, our response will help save lives. It may even reduce the recovery time of the injured, potentially making the difference between the patient having short-term recovery or long-term disability. These classes help us react in a calm (or at least mostly calm 😊) manner so we can help maintain organization from chaos.

By knowing how to react, we can calm the patient, talk with the parent who has a crying child or reassure those that are injured that additional help is on the way. We can start applying our first aid knowledge to lessen the pain of the patient. Trained personnel understand the effect their tone of voice has on calming and supporting the injured.

dog receiving first aid

Since I am a dog lover, I must add that this knowledge may save the life or assist with the possible injuries of our furry friends. There are many good shelters and Humane Society groups that offer Pet First Aid. Let’s face it, dogs are inquisitive animals. They are always picking stuff up, chewing on things and exploring beyond their normal boundaries. Vets are the experts there to help, but you may not be able to get to their location in 5 minutes. Knowing what to do may be critical. Having the security that you can help your favorite furry friend, makes the words “dogs are my best companion” truly meaningful.

Whether you have your pets in mind, or your family, friends or coworkers, it is truly important to know at least the basics of first aid. And who knows? ‘Paws-ing’ for a moment to learn this skill could one day help you save a life…whether they walk on four legs or two.


Need adult first aid training at your facility? We can help! Contact us for a quote today!

Check out these pet first aid classes in our area*:

*(by listing these training resources, we are not endorsing the providers, but rather providing information to show what is available)



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