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Avoid Tricks, and Enjoy the Treats This Halloween

It's that spoooooky time of year again; made even more so by some of the hazards you can face while you head out into your neighborhood for tricks and treats. The following are some safety tips that can help keep you safe this Halloween:

  • Cross roads at street corners.

  • Only got to houses with porch lights on.

  • Carry glowsticks or flashlights so you are more visible to traffic.

  • Masks can obstruct vision and hearing, so use face paint whenever possible.

  • Stick to the sidewalks and be sure to face traffic as you walk when a sidewalk isn't available.

  • Sort through candy after you get home to ensure your treats don't contain any tricks.

  • When driving, be extra cautious of pedestrians.

But we all know that Halloween is not just for children. Here are some additional tips for adults:

  • Arrange rides and designated drivers prior to arriving at your party and hold each other accountable. If you drink at all, don't drive.

  • Keep an eye on your drink or food to avoid unwanted additives.

  • If staying home to hand out candy, be sure to have some non-candy items for those with food allergies, so they can enjoy the treats, too!

  • Also if staying home to hand out candy, make sure there is a clear path to your door to avoid trips and falls after dark.

Is Compliance Too Scary On Your Own? We're Here to Help!

Be safe this Halloween, and remember that STEP is here to help you with your safety needs! Contact us at (270) 753-6529 to set up training, respirator fit testing, help with written programs, and more!



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