Emergency Response

Program Development

  • Follows guidelines of 1910.120(q)
  • Involves site-specific requirements
  • Development of competency benchmarks

An emergency response plan must be developed and implemented to handle anticipated emergencies prior to the commencement of emergency response operations. The plan must be in writing and available for inspection and copying by employees, their representatives and OSHA personnel. Employers who will evacuate their employees from the danger area when an emergency occurs, and who do not permit any of their employees to assist in handling the emergency, are exempt from the requirements of this paragraph, if they provide an emergency action plan in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.38.

The emergency plan will include:

  • Pre-emergency planning and coordination with outside parties
  • Personnel  roles, lines of authority, training, and communication
  • Emergency recognition and prevention
  • Safe distances and places of refuge
  • Site security and control
  • Evacuation routes and procedures
  • Decontamination
  • Emergency medical treatment and first aid
  • Emergency alerting and response procedures
  • Critique of response and follow-up
  • PPE and emergency equipment

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