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OSHA puts together a list of the top 10 safety and health violations they see each year. In 2016, nearly 32,000 inspections were completed and the top 10 list barely changed once again. The top 10 violations rarely change from year to year with inspectors continually seeing the same on-the-job hazards.


Top 10 most frequently cited safety and health violations of 2016:

  1. Fall protection
  2. Hazard communication
  3. Scaffolds
  4. Respiratory protection
  5. Lockout/tagout
  6. Powered industrial trucks
  7. Ladders
  8. Machine guarding
  9. Electrical wiring
  10. Electrical, general requirements


Each year more than 4,500 workers are killed on the job along with 3 million being injured. If employers used this list as a starting point for workplace safety the number of injuries, hospitalizations and deaths would drastically decline.


Employers should go above and beyond the minimal requirements to create a good safety culture. Establishing a good safety culture reduces costs, raises productivity and improves employee morale. Tackling these most common hazards is a good place to start when creating a safe working environment and increasing safety awareness among employees.

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