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Tool box talks can be a tough thing to put together and it can be even tougher to stand in front of a group and speak on a topic. Establishing a safety culture is very important to do right each day when the focus can easily be turned towards getting the job done. Below we will discuss 5 tips to engage an audience and make a difference in going home safe each day.

Tip #1: Short clear message
When employees are on the job they are more worried about hitting their deadline than listening to a generic topic that doesn’t relate to them. When giving tool box talks keep the message of the day clear and short so that it will be remembered by all. As the speaker talk directly to the audience at all times.
Tip #2: Hands on Learning
Do not just lecture to the group! Provide a visual whenever possible and examples from the work environment for better understanding. Processing the topic of the day and having to react to a scenario will prove the workers have the correct understanding.
Tip #3: Tell a story
Workers are much more interested in stories than facts and data. If a story provides a good message and is applicable to the situation employees are about to face, the message will be remembered better. Always stay positive.
Tip #4: Let workers provide insight
No one knows the landscape of hazards better than the workers who operate in the environment each day. Let the workers speak up, providing insight of real examples or areas of improvement for all. A great safety professional or facilitator will listen, learn and drive improvement.

Tip #5: Have a goal
Going into a tool box talk, 1 or 2 goals should be established for the team. Examples of measurable goals include identifying all hazards in the current environment, reminding workers of the consequences of not working safely or giving positive feedback of something done right.

Consistency is key! Toolbox talks are great to use 2-3 times per week spending 5-10 minutes a piece. Tool box talks are highly effective and one of the best ways to keep safety in the mind of all employees. If you are having trouble finding topics of your own, let us know at 270-753-6529. We have over 30 years of safety experience and 100+ tool box talk topics to choose from. 

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