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 Industrial hygiene surveys and employee exposure monitoring are essential when determining if health hazards are a real or potential issue. OSHA requires you to know the types of contaminant hazards in your workplace, and determine if those constituents are exceeding OSHA's permissible exposure limits. You are also required to know the noise levels in your facility and ensure that your employees are properly protected.

Our consultants have worked with clients for over 30 years, conducting exposure assessments and establishing sampling strategies to determine if chemicals being used by employees are a health concern.
Our Monitoring Projects include:
  • Sampling strategy based on a SDS review and job task exposures.
  • Personal and area sampling of contaminants in your workplace.
  • Interpretation of the results.
  • Onsite observations taken during monitoring provides us with an understanding of the source of exposures.
  • A report with recommendations to help your company work toward compliance.
Through the use of our Industrial Hygiene Management Plan, we help you determine sampling priorities. We use all well recognized IH protocol/practices to review & calculate exposures to potentially hazardous chemical, physical, and biological agents. Noise monitoring results can also be included in this plan.
Our Management Plan includes:
  • Defining concentrations of contaminants and changes in potential employee exposures by area and job tasks.
  • Evaluating, prioritizing and controlling exposures that present health hazards.
  • Documenting exposures and control efforts, and helping to communicate the results with affected employees.

We offer 1 to 1.5 hours of free onsite time to review your IH program and needs.
If you are questioning a potential issue within your work place give our team a call at 270-753-6529.

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