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Min Order Qty: 5

Pricing starts at $360.00 each (varies with development time)

Includes acrylic bracket for wall placement


With over 35 years of experience in Emergency Response Preparedness, your partners at STEP are perfect to help you create the best Emergency Response Preparedness Guide to meet your facility's site-specific emergency needs! 


This Emergency Preparedness Quick Reference is designed to assist you during emergency situations such as fire, disaster, medical crises, bomb threats, and/or hazardous material spills. 


We customize each tab to fit your emergencies and include site photos, specific contact information, and other specific communications such as alarm codes/naming conventions that your facility may have in place. 


Tiered Trifold Binders features...

  • Your facility's logo and site photos used
  • 14 tiered pages with site-specific information:
    • Unusual or adverse plant conditions
    • Medical Emergency
      • Injured & Mobile
      • Injured & Unconscious
    • Severe Weather & Tornado Watch
    • Earthquake Event
    • Terrorist Threat
      • Bomb Threat
      • Suspicious Object
    • Fire Emergency
    • Site-specific Chemical Release
    • Hazardous material/waste-small spill
    • Active Shooter
    • Power/System Failure
    • Facility maps
  • 9"w x 12"h


Let us help you with your customized emergency response procedures! Call us at 270.753.6529 or Email us at

Emergency Response Tiered Trifold - Call To Order

  • Pricing will vary based on the development time of your site-specific emergency response guide. Minimum of 5 Emergency Response Tiered Trifold Guides is required. Call 270.753.6529 if you have any questions. 

NOTICE: All Participants must wear a face mask to enter the facility. 

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Copyright © 2020 Safety Training & Environmental Protection, LLC

P.O. Box 1402 Murray, KY 42071
Phone: (270) 753-6529