'Tis the Season for Safety

The season of gift-giving, feast eating, and sleigh bells ringing is finally here! This time of the year is so exciting that we often forget the hazards that come along with it. While you get the presents wrapped and the stockings hung with care, don't forget to keep safety in the back of your mind at all times this season.

Throughout December decorations, lights, and tinsel cover homes and office buildings up and down every street. This display of cheer can get any Scrooge into the holiday spirit! While its wonderful to see we have to keep in mind that electrical and fire hazards lurk behind so many of these decorations! Here are a few tips to keep in mind while you're decorating this holiday season:

  • Inspect electrical decorations for damage before use.

  • Do not overload electrical outlets.

  • Don't forget about Santa's milk and cookies!

  • Never connect more than 3 strings of incandescent lights.

  • Keep Christmas trees fresh by watering regularly.

  • Start your holiday shopping early

  • Use battery-powered candles

  • Keep combustibles at least 3 feet away from heat source.

  • Check electrical decorations for UL certification labels.

  • Holiday calories don't count

  • Stay in the kitchen when something is cooking.

  • Turn off, unplug, and extinguish all decorations when going to sleep or leaving the house or office.

Lastly, enjoy the holidays and be safe. If you have any questions about how to prepare for the holidays safely, STEP would be happy to help. Just give your partner in safety a call at (270) 753-6529 to assist in your safety needs.

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Copyright © 2020 Safety Training & Environmental Protection, LLC

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Phone: (270) 753-6529