Stuffing with a Side of Safety

Finally, Thanksgiving! The start of the best time of the year. Virtual time with family, overeating, online shopping, passing down recipes and traditions, and catching up with friends all in one weekend. However, what can be a great time can quickly turn sideways if you don't take the extra steps to include safety in your Turkey Day! Here are some tips to help you survive the Thanksgiving season:

  • Ensure Grandma has installed her plexiglass for any visitors.

  • Keep a class ABC fire extinguisher in your kitchen and one in the garage.

  • Install or update the zoom application for a virtual thanksgiving.

  • If you don't want to see the in-laws this year, tell them your webcam is broken.

  • Bake your pies and desserts the day before.

  • If baking, wrap your turkey in foil to ensure proper cooking.

  • Tell grandpa that although its a zoom gathering, he still needs to wear pants.

  • Check the internal temperature of your turkey with a food thermometer to make sure it is at least 165 degrees and safe to serve.

  • Ensure all smoke alarms are in good working order by testing each one.

  • If Uncle Bill starts talking about politics, quickly mute his mic.

  • Go around and say what you are thankful for.

  • Remember to socially distance.

Overall, enjoy the Thanksgiving Season! Remember to socially distance and wear your mask if your around others who are not in your living space.

Happy Thanksgiving from STEP! We hope you have a happy holiday season and wish you safe travels. If you need any safety assistance STEP would be THANKFUL to help. Just give your partner in safety a call at (270) 753-6529 to assist in your safety needs.

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Copyright © 2020 Safety Training & Environmental Protection, LLC

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Phone: (270) 753-6529