Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment—Eye and Face Protection OSHA’s Top 10 Violations 2018:

Each year, OSHA compiles a list of the top 10 most cited violations that compliance safety and health officers observe on their site visits. Failure to don the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) finds itself on this top 10 list, as many employees and employers neglect the importance of the correct PPE. Appropriate PPE can be the single barrier to avoid serious injury and is a vital part of any safety program.

The following aspects of the PPE standard are the most commonly cited by OSHA for the 2018 fiscal year:

  • Using appropriate eye or face protection 1926.102(a)(1)

  • Having side protection on protective eyewear when flying material present 1926.102(a)(2)

  • Incorporation of prescription lenses into protective design 1926.102(a)(3)

  • Ensuring these pieces of equipment comply with one of the appropriate consensus standards 1926.102(b)(1)

In order to avoid these citations, a proper PPE management program must be implemented and regular training must be conducted.

Performing a Job Hazard Analysis of a given task may help you recognize potential dangers and assist in choosing the correct PPE for the work-at-hand. Proper PPE program management is a way to ensure that all PPE onsite is in compliance with the appropriate consensus standard (ANSI, NFPA, etc.). In addition to these, regular walkthroughs of your facility by the site safety personnel are a great way to record who is or isn’t donning PPE while on task, and immediately correct any non-compliance.

Don’t get caught up by OSHA’s Top 10! If you need any assistance with PPE regulatory standards or compliance STEP will be happy to help. Contact us at (270) 753-6529 to assist you in your PPE needs today.

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