Deadline Reminder: Form 300A

A quick reminder the OSHA electronic Reporting Form 300A for CY19 is due March 2nd!

Luck of the Leprechaun

Not all leprechauns are lucky! Leprechauns are known to be mischief so here is how to keep your leprechauns safe:

1. Proper fall protection for sliding down their rainbows. They tend to get a bit excited when they see their pot of gold, so ensure proper anchor points are available.

2. Their beards can get caught in machines. Be sure to teach them how to trim!

3. Leprechaun whistles are very loud and go WOO WOO. Ensure proper hearing protection is worn.

4. They will grant you wishes but be very

careful with what you ask. They can be

very tricky! Be very clear with your safest wishes.

If you need assistance adjusting your safety program for our leprechaun friends, STEP would be happy to help. Contact us at (270) 753-6529 to assist in your needs.

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Copyright © 2020 Safety Training & Environmental Protection, LLC

P.O. Box 1402 Murray, KY 42071
Phone: (270) 753-6529